Maria Chiara Ubaldi

Founder and CEO

Maria Chiara Ubaldi is a senior scientist and entrepreneur with a strong growth mindset. Her experience is a blend of knowledge, passion, dedication and work ethic. She puts a spin on ideas, transforming them in products while building up marketing opportunities to succeed.
She developed her 20-years experience in photonic applications, ranging form clean-room process development for integrated optics devices to assmbly and testing on micro-optics based external cavity lasers. During her last professional experience she grew competences in project management, risk analysis and product quality control together with administrative and investment strategy capabilities. She holds more than 30 international publications, one book of Topics in Applied Physics – Springer & Verlag and three international patents

Eugenio Iannone


Eugenio Iannone is a senior innovation manager, with a strong focus on the scientific and technical progress and on innovation processes set-up. He has a track of record in bridging new technologies and market requirements and a proven experience in designing products based on cutting edge technologies. 
He has more than 20 years’ experience in international, technology-oriented environments mainly as innovation manager and other management roles, including an experience as marketing manager. 
As an active player, he was in the management team that first developed modern fiber optic systems in Pirelli and in Cisco management team when the idea of optical networking was implemented. 
Recently Eugenio founded Dianax: a start-up focused on Lab-on-Chip, the key technology for the next generation of portable medical devices. He managed the company for more than four years through several funding stages. This allowed Eugenio to acquire a comprehensive view of a company operation. 
He has an Italian university degree in Electronic Engineering (Old Italian Laurea), he published more than 100 papers in peer reviewed scientific journals and conferences besides four engineering books for Mc Graw Hill and Taylor and Francis. 
Eugenio Iis also author or coauthor of nine international patent families.

Neosystems s.r.l.


NeoSystems was born to offer end to end solutions for the M2M market, merging telecommunications and energy fields with the goal to offer 360° solutions.
The addressed markets are the management and control of renewable sources production plants, the energy efficiency as well as the Smart Cities.
NeoSystems offers to the market a turnkey approach, based on strong R&D competences and long expertise in the application fields. Our customer are our value and we do everything to fulfill their needs; their success is our success.