CareGlance’s updates: Q1 and Q2 2024

what have CareGlance been doing in 2024? First half of the year

Our 2024 has been a great year so far. New improvements on the development of the OCT system have taken us closer to our first functioning prototype.

While the R&D Team is still working hard, we have also started letting the world know about the disruptive product that is about to be released. Since last January, our Team has visited fairs all around the world and secured a booth on the floorplan of one of the most important events of the year; yes, of course we’re talking about Photonics West 2025.

We aim to have the first prototype ready by the end of this year and to showcase it in 2025. The event in San Francisco will be the first but not the only one. We expect to confirm additional dates and venues in the coming months. The first half of 2024 has also been significant for CareGlance as a brand. We have been named finalists at the Falling Wall’s Foundation Science Summit and taken as (first!) case study by Toptica Eagleyard: this means that diverse players have recognized CareGlance as capable to build a greatly innovative real-time optical sensor.


Other news will be released soon, keep an eye on what we’re doing!


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