Degrees and professional experiences

Maria Chiara Ubaldi
Maria Chiara Ubaldi

2011-2019: Fondazione CIFE Senior group leader and project manager on novel photonic devices development

- Long-term experience on assembly and testing of micro-optics tunable sources.

- Long-term experience clean room micro- and nano-technology processes for integrated optical devices

- Management of international extra-European and European projects. 

- Administrative and financial management of small research structure (financial analysis, risk analysis, debit recovery, administrative process optimization). 

2002-2008: management of R&D area and development of micro- and nano-lithographic processes in CoreCom (Consortium for Researches in Optical Processing and Switching)- Joint research laboratory between Pirelli S.p.A. and Politecnico di Milano

2001: PhD in Electronics and Telecom Engineering with the thesis "1550 nm volume holographic devices for optical communication signal processing"

Eugenio Iannone
Eugenio Iannone

2013-2018 Dianax Sr.l. Founder, CEO up to November 2017, then CTO and Deputy Chairman.

2010-2013 Executive Consultant for Innovation 

- consultant with several customers in projects for technology transfer and technology application finding.

2007-2009 PGT photonics Marketing and Product Strategy director.

Marketing Communications • Market Analysis  • Strategic Marketing  • Product Marketing  • Technical Marketing 

2001-2009 Pirelli Labs VP Application Engineering

-  management of financed innovation projects in cooperation with customers for more than M€ 10 / year.

Neosystems S.r.l.
Neosystems S.r.l.

NeoSystems S.r.l. offers professional development services.

The available services are related to the following fields:

HW and FPGA design: Digital electronic  - Analogue electronic   - Power electronic  - VHDL/Verilog design

• FW design: •Real-time embedded systems •Linux and FreeRtos operating systems •Protocol stacks 

• SW design: Web applications and services - Database management  - Protocol stacks - Android apps

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