CareGlance impact in real-time 3D imaging

Healthcare Applications

OCT is a powerful non-invasive diagnostic tool


This is OCT main application field, due to the fact that this system allows tho build a reliable 3D image of the eye.


As well as eye 3D image, OCT enables to  investigate different layers of skin tissues.


OCT is becoming more and more powerful everyday, allowing to build fast 3D images during surgery operations.

These are just some of the most important applications in the healthcare field, there are many more and they are increasing every day (dentistry, prostate surgery endoscopy, and many more).

Industrial Applications

Another field OCT systems are making their way through is industrial applications, mainly because of the reliable 3D images they can produce.


OCT scans can be applied to verify surfaces quality (coatings, tissues, polymers..) but also to have a real time feedback of manifacturing processes (slow fluid motion or laser manifacturing)


OCT might be exploited to verify the homogeneity of pixels that compose displays and higlight any substrate defect.


OCT can be implemented in manifacturing processes needing high resolution layer imaging to prevent defects that might compromise the safety of the final product.